The AGON of being a Hellenic Parent

Pronunciation: Ȧgōn
Singular: Agon
Plural: Agonês
Other Forms of the Word:
Agonia: a consequence of Agon
Common English translation: strife, struggle, conflict, contest
Translated definition of the word:
AGON originally denoted ‘a gathering’ and was later extended to mean an athletic contest. An AGON commences and takes place within the context of an ‘ago’ which is a gathering of the THEOI (Gods), people, ships, etc and developed from the time of Homer to mean a gathering for the purposes of a contest. AGON is in contrast to ‘amilla’ which is the participation in a contest for the sake of participation as AGON refers to the struggle for victory and includes the understanding of intense adversity, opposition and confrontation. AGON gives rise to AGONIA (anxiety, agony) which is one of the PATHEI [See PATHOS] and refers to sorrow, distress and the fear of danger or the unknown. 

The agon of being a Hellenic parent arises from the desire to be the best parent possible. It is NOT a contest with other parents, but rather a contest with yourself. This includes educating your children with the Hellenic worldview (not necessarily the same as a Greek one). It also includes the concept that the Gods are always present within the family setting. 
It  is a struggle because a family being structured with a Hellenic worldview is a rarity in this day and age.It is a struggle because you constantly have to compete with the common mindset where football games are more important than learning. The contest is within ourselves to find a way to instill a love of Hellenic values in a world where video game consoles and fancy clothes seem more important than ethics. This is a contest that we DO face opposition in and it is a contest that we should not lose……

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