The last day of the Mysteries — Returning to "normal"

The Mysteries, like the Gods themselves, exist outside of what we would consider “normal” space and time. They are set apart from the world of our everyday, mundane experiences and that is part of the reason that they were celebrated in ancient times and also part of the reason that we strive to recreate them in the modern day. Sophocles, said, “Thrice blessed of mortals are those who go to Hades after beholding these rites.  To them alone it is given to live there; to others everything there is evil”  The initiates have experienced something outside time and beyond words.

Over the past week, I have been doing things to incorporate the Mysteries into my life as I cannot indulge myself in a full celebration of them with a 3-year old child that needs caring for. As she gets older and is not as time-intensive, I intend to work on something that is more “in-depth” for this celebration as well as others that are more than simple meditations and libations. In this way, I hope to create something that I will be able to ‘pass down’ to my daughter as well as to any children she may have.  May the Two Goddesses of Eleusis guide us and enlighten us both now as we end the time of their Mysteries and in the future when we are in “normal” time.

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