After preparing for the Mysteries, the Mysteries themselves….

“I have fasted, drunk the kykeon, taken things out of the big basket and, after performing a rite, put them in the little basket, whence I put them back in the big basket” 

This is unfortunately, one of the few clues we have about what the preparations for the Greater Eleusinian Mysteries entailed. Today is the 5th day of the Mysteries and is the day when the initiates ended the preparatory stage and began the actual Mysteries themselves. While we do not know what happened during the mysteries themselves, we have enough information from sources to know that they included what amounted to a vision quest with a revelation of and from the Two Goddesses of Eleusis. 

Today and tomorrow are days where meditation on the Goddesses are in order. This is something that I intend to write about but not WRITE ABOUT. The style of the meditations is something that I plan to keep simple, but the actual substance of the meditations is something that I do NOT intend to discuss with anyone. Hopefully, I will be granted some additional understanding of my relationship with the Gods.

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