All lovely to the view — The Orphic Hymn to the Graces

Hear me, illustrious Graces [Kharites], mighty nam’d,
 from Jove descended and Eunomia fam’d;

Thalia, and Aglaia fair and bright,
 and blest Euphrosyne whom joys delight:

Mothers of mirth, all lovely to the view,
 pleasure abundant pure belongs to you:

Various, forever flourishing and fair,
 desir’d by mortals, much invok’d in pray’r:

Circling, dark-ey’d, delightful to mankind,
 come, and your mystics bless with bounteous mind.”

The Graces are three Goddesses who are commonly associated with Aphrodite and Hera. They are representative of Joy, Beauty, and Good-Fellowship. They governed over the pleasures of life and as such the author of the hymn is invoking them as if he is inviting them to join him at a party. He calls them the mothers of mirth and states that they are very much desired by mortals. 

It is interesting to me that even goddesses who are associated with the more “frivolous” aspect of life are portrayed as having mystics.  This has me thinking that the Graces were more than they would appear and possibly would be also part of the retinue of Hestia, for without Hestia the gods themselves do not have a banquet.

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