All-parent, bounding — The Orphic Hymn to Gaia

“O Goddess, Earth, of Gods and men the source,
 endu’d with fertile, all destroying force;

All-parent, bounding, whose prolific pow’rs,
 produce a store of beauteous fruits and flow’rs,

All-various maid, th’ eternal world’s strong base
 immortal, blessed, crown’d with ev’ry grace;

From whose wide womb, as from an endless root,
 fruits, many-form’d, mature and grateful shoot.

Deep bosom’d, blessed, pleas’d with grassy plains,
 sweet to the smell, and with prolific rains.

All flow’ry dæmon, centre of the world,
 around thy orb, the beauteous stars are hurl’d

With rapid whirl, eternal and divine,
 whose frames with matchless skill and wisdom shine.

Come, blessed Goddess, listen to my pray’r,
 and make increase of fruits thy constant care;

With fertile Seasons [Horai] in thy train, draw near,
 and with propitious mind thy suppliant hear.”
The hymn to Gaia seems to focus on her being the “All-parent” from whom all things come. This could be part of the reason that the authors of the hymn do not ask her for anything more than that she come close and listen to their prayer. She is the world itself and has both aspects of fertility and destruction as both are needed to keep the balance that she maintains. This balance is important to us as we are her children.

I know it is not my usual way to insert activism of any kind into my posts on these hymns, but I firmly believe that to be environmentally conscious is one of the best ways to honor Gaia in our modern era. This means that we are to be aware of what we are using and what we are throwing away. We must be aware how we are treating her other children, both plant and animal, who share this world with us. She brought us into being, and she CAN destroy us if we are not careful.

Humans are all the same race when you look at the mitochondrial DNA — DNA and RNA being the building blocks that Gaia uses for all life on the planet. And it is this common humanity that I see when I look at her children — even unto the dolphins ;P

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