Of the lightning — Orphic Hymn to Zeus Astrapaios

I Call the mighty, holy, splendid light,
 aerial, dreadful-sounding, fiery-bright;

Flaming, aerial-light, with angry voice,
 lightning thro’ lucid clouds with horrid noise.

Untam’d, to whom resentments dire belong,
 pure, holy pow’r, all-parent, great and strong:

Come, and benevolent these rites attend,
 and grant my days a peaceful, blessed end.

This is an interesting Hymn in that it actually sounds like an invocation — one to call the lightning-bearing one. However, this is one where Zeus is called “all-parent” which is a departure from the rest of the hymn where it speaks of the lightning as having an “angry voice”

I like to think of this particular hymn as being more of an actual invitation to the rite which is being observed than anything else. I feel that it would be an interesting one to use as a beginning for an offering rite as it is asking for Zeus to come and attend the rites.

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