Yes, Think of the Children……

Another Pagan Blogger did a post ‘It’s Hard to “Think of the Children” and it got me thinking about how I’m raising my daughter. I did promise my mother that I would expose any child I had to Orthodox Christianity (and I intend to keep that promise — even though it is difficult for ME). But, at the same time, I intend to raise her as a Hellenic Polytheist.

This poses an interesting dilemma as she will be facing Christian privilege from the time she starts school with Christmas and Easter themed things in school as well as in the stores she comes shopping with me. I can only hope that she enjoys the rituals that we do at home and uses them to form the basis of her religious life and faith. When Halloween rolls around every year, I hope to have her understand the roots of the holiday even if she is celebrating something else around that time (such as the Thesmophoria).

She is of an age where she is beginning to really participate in what I am doing. And this is the time when we start teaching children what we believe and why we believe that way…..

I just want to be a good teacher.

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