Today is a Good Day to Worship the Gods

Today is a good day to worship the Gods. It is not a day that is associated with any particular festival but that makes it as good as any other day. And EVERY day is a good day to worship. This is sometimes a surprising sentiment in our “once-a-week” society where we set aside a specific day each week for worship and tend to forget about it the rest of the time…..

We need to take a lesson from the Maxims where it says “Worship the Gods (Θεους σεβου)”. That Maxim does NOT tell us to only worship on particular days — such as when there is a festival. We are to worship the Gods on ANY given day. That is where we are different from many people in our society who ‘sin on Saturday, and repent on Sunday’. We must express our love for our Gods in small ways every day if we are to truly take our faith seriously and not only live our faith, but pass it on.

And ultimately, as people of faith, we should hope to pass our faith on to others. Those of us who have children can hope to teach it to them by our example. Those of us who cannot have children (for whatever reason) can still hope to pass it on to others through the same means. Living our faith brings us closer to the Gods and people cannot fail to see the changes that causes in our selves and our lives. Afterwards, we become living examples of what we want to be and should be.

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