Dike (Justice) and it’s importance

Many people are looking at the recent Zimmerman case and seeing it through the lens of “racial” injustice. I think that is a fallacy. Yes, I DO believe that Justice was NOT served in the verdict. BUT I feel that the problem lies in a system where power is concentrated with those who have a sense of ‘privilege’ because of it. And it is THIS that causes me concern as a woman AND as a member of a religious minority.

Why? Because in the case of a minority, the rights are not assumed to exist. When there was a Pagan Gathering in the same state as the trial just this past Midsummer’s Day there were protests and boycotts. When someone has that kind of power it is a temptation to use it and that is where the need for Dike (Justice) comes to bear.

Without Justice, minorities live in fear of what might happen to them if they do not toe the right line. And this happens in ANY place where Dike does not live. Minorities have to live in constant vigilance when Justice does not exist, or can be bought….

Without Justice, there can be no real peace within a nation or even within a family. THIS is the importance of Justice and the reason that Dike is such an important Goddess….

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