Religion Vs. Faith — Which one is absolute?

People talk about religion as if it were the thing that is important in this equation. But it is not. What is the most important is faith. This is because religions are made by humans, but FAITH is absolute. When we stand before the judges of the dead we cannot say that virtue was inconvenient. We cannot say that what is in our minds and our hearts does not determine who we are.

If we act with faith, our words and actions are consistent. If we are acting solely on the basis of religion they may not be. Many examples of this can be found in the modern world. Unfortunately, people claim to worship a God that tells them to help the poor and then vote against programs that would help the poor their own God tells them they need to help. They are told to love their neighbor but then will not allow their neighbor the same privileges they enjoy.

Faith on the other hand, allows people to say that they take responsibility for their own actions in the name of whatever deity they follow. TYPICALLY, this results in people who work to make the garden we have been given a better place.

What becomes of faith in a religious world? That is the question we need to each answer for ourselves. For me, I will stick with faith…..

One thought on “Religion Vs. Faith — Which one is absolute?

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