The importance of ritual to me.

This is an interesting post for me as there has been a bit of discussion in one of my Facebook pages about ritual and the importance of it.

For me, the day-to-day rituals of thankfulness need to be maintained, like daily offerings of (in my case) coffee to the Gods. It is in the home that the rituals become the heart of praxis. It is in the home that the habit of ritual becomes real in our hearts.

Unfortunately, I am not able to have community ritual at this time, but someday I hope to be able to incorporate that as well.

Rituals remind us of our connection to the Gods and as such need to be remembered. They help us remember the stories of the Gods as well. They commemorate events that tie us together with the Gods such as the celebration of the Thesmophoria and Heliogenia. (one ancient and one modern as examples) and help us remember that we are part of a greater Cosmos…..

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