Kala Noumenia and May we have a prosperous New Year!

Today is the beginning of the Athenian Year and (as it happens) the 698th Olympiad. This is also a day that I have spent thinking about how Hellenic Polytheism has affected my life and how I hope to celebrate it more with groups of people.

I maintain a daily praxis in my home, but yearn for more group interaction and hope to eventually form a thiasos in the city where I dwell. This is still only a dream as there are not a lot of people that I know in this city who are pagan/polytheist. I am hoping to change that, Gods willing

A lot of what I have been doing has been in the everyday world and that is fine as long as we do not forget our ties to the Gods. Part of remembering them is a renewed commitment on my part to this blog. Expect more in the coming days about MY OPINION on a “Hellenic” worldview and my thoughts on inclusion of those brothers and sisters who are coming to us from a Neo-Pagan background. I started there myself, and am seeing a sense of exclusion in some of the writings that are appearing on the internet.

But as this IS Noumenia, I need to get back to preparing my home and self for the New Year.

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