Daemons of the home and land

Many Ethnic religions have a belief in land spirits and house spirits. Hellenic Polytheism is no different although many people do not have a relationship with these daemons. Yes, we are to have relationships with the Theoi and have those relationships be important factors in our lives. However, we are in an intimate relationship with the spirits of the places where we live.

It does us no harm to make sure that we treat the Daemons of the home like we treat the Nymphoi of the land around us — as part of the greater family to which we belong….

If we do not honor the spirit of the home, how long will we truly have one? If we do not honor the nymphoi we do not value the area in which we live. It does not hurt to pour a libation of milk and honey in a numinous area so that we can continue to experience the sacred…..

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