Time away from here — not fruitless time

I have been both pondering the discussion over Pagan/Polytheist along with its implied exclusion of those who are “philosophical/atheist” Pagans as well as managing life with an active 3-year old child who I am trying to raise with a bright spirit. These things take up a lot of time for me. However, this has not stopped me from trying to remember the festivals and daily rites that make up my religious praxis. I have not been prevented from making my daily prayers and offerings to the Gods. And this is something that has been a real blessing to me through a trying time in my life.

The Gods are not just with us when we are having easy times in our lives, but also when we are having difficulties. It is then that our relationship with them is tested. I can also say that this is when we have the most to gain by listening in our hearts for their voices. This is when we learn what strengths we have and what we have to work on.

When I was working on the Maxims, I had a clear goal in mind — 147 posts about them. The blog since then has been less regular, but that does not mean that I am not thinking about how the Maxims apply and how other aspects of my ethical and religious life manifest in the world.

Hopefully, sometime soon, I will be able to regularly blog again. Until then, I am still working on being both a Hellenic Polytheist blogger and a mommy……

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