Preparing for Theogamia

I am happy to say that the Theogamia is coming up. This is the annual celebration of the marriage of Zeus and Hera. Although people will say that this is minor in light of the *ahem* extra-curricular activities of one of the parties to the wedding I say that in some ways this is more likely a festival which was more than it would appear in the modern era. After all, it had a month in the Attic calendar named after it.

Because of this and the apparent synchronicity of having it within a week of the modern Valentine’s Day celebration, I plan on creating a family festival to go with the one that I have seen referenced online at which is, to my way of thinking, more designed for larger groups. This includes preparing MYSELF by looking at the ways that I am communicating with my spouse and by looking at ways that I can work on strengthening the union of the two of us.

It is in this way that I feel we can best honor the union of Zeus and Hera — by trying to emulate the strengths of if in our lives.

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