Lenaia in the Modern era

Kala Lenaia !
Today is the twelfth day of Gamelion, the first day of the four day festival of Lenaia. The Lenaia is a festival of Dionysus Lenaios (his aspect as Lord of the Maenads who are also known as the Lenai), vase depictions of the Lenaia support that it was a wine-mixing festival.

May Dionysus Lenaios bless you all on this wonderful day, and for many seasons to come!”

I have to say in all fairness that I am not a devoted follower of Dionysus. But that being said, I know people who are (and not simply because they are drinkers). Dionysus is one of the Gods who is in a lot of ways more accessible to many people than perhaps Hera, but it is because of this that I think he has been stereotyped as “the Wine Dude”. It is also appropriate that during the year 2013 CE the Lenaia also falls within the more modern Dionysian festival of Mardi Gras. I’ll be writing more about the crossovers between ancient and modern at another time, but this coincidence seemed divinely timed to me…..

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