30-Day Religious Meme — Day 24 ~ Personal aesthetics and Hellenismos

This is an interesting post as it has to do with art and the things I like and do not like. It also has to do with my surroundings. Because this has to do with my personal concept of what is attractive and not attractive, some people would not understand how it dovetails with my religious self. But, in my opinion, beauty is an attribute that is given by the Deathless Gods. Because of this, the aesthetics of things does make a difference.

The reason this becomes as important to me as it is happens to be that we are attracted towards the beautiful and repulsed by what we see as ugly. And because we ARE attracted towards beauty, the Gods are the most aesthetically pleasing of all things (even Hephaestus, who is portrayed by some as being ugly physically) , The gods also make the beauty of the world (and even a vulture is beautiful in some way) so that we can appreciate it. Humanity approaches the gods through beauty

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