30-Day Religious Meme — Day 21 ~ Other paths I’ve explored

It is an interesting thing to look back at the path that I have taken in my spiritual life and see the other paths that I have explored when they intersected with mine. Very few practitioners of Hellenismos started as worshipers of the Gods of Greece while they were still children. Most of us, at least in the United States, started off as some variation on Christian.  I was no exception to that rule although I did have an advantage over some people in that my Greek father encouraged me to know the mythology of the Greeks because it is part of my cultural heritage.

I became dissatisfied with Christianity fairly young, but at first I had nothing to replace it with. I wanted a faith  where I could be clergy. Orthodox Christianity does not have women clergy and other forms of Christianity seemed to be lacking something. It was about my Senior year in high school that I discovered Wicca with it’s concept of a Goddess as well as a God. I read that it was okay to worship the Greek Gods because I felt a connection to them. At first, I struggled with some of the concepts, particularly the idea that ALL Goddesses are simply faces of “The Goddess”. That idea has never been one that I could feel comfortable with. How can the Virgin Goddesses like Hestia be the same as the very frankly sensual and sexual Aphrodite? It just did not make sense to me — and it still does not. strikes me as intellectual laziness to lump all the Gods into one God and all the Goddesses into one Goddess just as same as being inaccurate to say that Tyr is the same as Ares because they are both battle Gods.

For a while I was an “eclectic” pagan in that I worshiped the Greek Gods but did so in a quasi-Wiccan manner because I did not know there were other followers of the Greek Gods who were using a different style of worship. I even attended a few celebrations with members of the ADF (a neo-druid group) in my search for my spiritual “home”. It was there that I was introduced to a group that practices Hellenismos, and that group has lead me to understand my faith better.

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