30-Day Religious Meme Day 19 ~ Hellenismos and my family/friends

This is actually going to be an easy one for me to write as my family and friends know that I practice Hellenismos and for the most part are fine with it. I will not say that my father would likely have endorsed it, but as he was a Greek Orthodox Christian priest, it would have gone against some of his most deeply felt beliefs.

I do think that my parents would be proud of me for coming to a place in my beliefs where I can write about them for the benefit of another person. Hellenismos is, after all, a faith that is rooted in the family first and foremost. Although I would LIKE it if I had friends in the area to worship with, that is not something that is actually a requirement as long as my husband, daughter and I can all worship together.

Because of the internet, I have been able to make friends with fellow worshipers around the world and become friends with them. Even if I never meet them face-to-face, the friendship they have offered to me is a very real one and I enjoy talking with them about the various things we are all doing to honor the Gods in our lives.

I have learned a lot from my friends and even more from my family when it comes to matters of faith, and I am grateful that the Gods have left their mark on my life in this way.

One thought on “30-Day Religious Meme Day 19 ~ Hellenismos and my family/friends

  1. My mom was a devout Episcopalian, and was proud that I had faith, even if it was different from hers. I have found that if I surround myself with others who are spiritual, regardless of path, I have found my family 🙂 Great post Ann!


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