30-Day Religious Meme Day 15 ~ Pantheon – Everyone Else

Just because this entry is about “Everyone else” does not mean that the Gods we have not discussed yet are any less important in the overall scheme of things than the ones we have discussed already. There are so many Gods that we could not be able to cover them all within the auspices of this series and still get to the rest of the topics on the list.

In Hellenismos, the gods are ALL necessary to the proper ordering of the cosmos — even Eris, who promotes DISharmony, and it is because of this that we also honor Gods from Akeso (a healing goddess) to Zephyrus (the west wind). Not all of the gods we worship have to be responsible for major areas of life and some of the “minor” gods like Nemesis are very potent within their sphere of control.

This is the beauty of an openly polytheistic religion (SOME Christians ask the saints for help) in that we do not need to tell ourselves that we ‘worship’ one God and only ‘honor’ that god’s helpers. We can accept that we do worship many gods. And with that realization comes a renewed sense of peace.

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