30-Day Religious Meme Day 14 ~ Pantheon – Zeus

Today we get to the last of what have been referred to as the “Big Three” — the sons of Cronos, the god Zeus. He is the Ruler of the Gods and he has been called the Father of Gods and Men. Of all the children of Chronos he was the only one not swallowed by his father when he was born. He became the leader of the Gods when he helped his brothers and sisters to be freed from their father. After the Titan war, he was the one who drew the heavens as his portion.

Zeus is a multi-faceted God who is equally comfortable with being the guardian of the pantry as he is being the Thunderer. Although he often “strays”, he along with Hera, is the guardian of marriage. More has been written about him than his brothers combined, possibly because he seems more accesible than Poseidon and is not as ‘frightening’ as Haides. But truth be known, he shares power in the cosmos with both of them.

Because he shares power with his siblings, Zeus is a far cry from the monolithic God of the Abrahamic faiths (who does not share power). He is strong, but fallible and in this lies a lot of his appeal for me. He is NOT supposed to be “perfect” in all things — although as a God he IS perfect in his sphere of influence.

As he is both a god of the small AND the large scale, he can readily be worshipped in the everyday things. In this way he is very like both his sister Hestia and his sister (and Queen) Hera. It is this everyday quality that appeals the most to me — he is accessible in a way that I did not find the Christian God to be.

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