30-Day Religious Meme Day 13 ~ Pantheon – Haides

The lord of the underworld is a god that is often feared because of his ties to death (which seems final to many people) and the afterlife (which seems eternal). But he is the generous host whose realm everyone eventually will visit. Haides is the eldest of the sons of Chronos, and as such could have made a claim for the ruler-ship of the Gods. It is to his credit that he agreed to the casting of lots for the governance of the cosmos after Chronos was dethroned instead of beginning a civil war among the Gods.

In that division, Haides got the Underworld, Poseidon got the oceans, and Zeus got the skies — with the earth the province of all. It is this last part that most people forget when they think of Haides. He, like the others, has a share in mortal affairs beyond being the host for them when they pass into the afterlife.

He is portrayed as being harsh by some writers, but there is no doubt by any of the ancient writers that he is a fair judge and that he is also the guardian of the riches found under the surface of the Earth. It is because of this that he is sometimes euphemistically known as Plouton (or Pluto) “The Wealthy One” or even Necron Soter “Savior of the Dead”. The reason that people would use those euphemisms is a simple one, as Haides is the Lord of the Dead people don’t want to bring his attention onto themselves.

It is no wonder that people who fear death because they do not believe in reincarnation/rebirth have demonized Haides. He is portrayed as being an almost evil figure in the modern way that people view him. In my opinion this is a mistake because death is not a thing for the virtuous person to fear. He is the mirror of his brother, and it is because of this that he deserves our praise.

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