30-Day Religious Meme Day 12 ~ Pantheon – Poseidon

Some people might wonder why I’m not writing about a different God today. It is because I feel very close to Poseidon, closer than to his brothers. Poseidon is not as well known as Zeus and not as feared as Haides. It is because of this that people might not understand the depth of Poseidon’s responsibility. He is the lord of the oceans AND the earth-shaker.  He is also the creator of horses.

People in ancient times used to hold most of his festivals in the winter — the storm season in the Mediterranean — and even now Greek sailors still throw offerings into the sea when setting sail for good luck, even if they no longer worship the god of the sea. This is because of the strong ties the people of the Middle Sea have to the sea which provides so much of the background to their lives.

We have so much in common with these, our forebears, in that we are still tied to the moods of the seas. This is something that was made clear to us recently because of Superstorm Sandy. The sea-lord governs both the storms and the aftermath. It is because of him that people are able to look at the results and say “We will rebuild” because of a love of the sea and the shore. And he is the one who will keep the survivors strong in the months ahead.

There is a lot more in my head about Poseidon, but for some reason it is not wanting to come out as I initially write this. Perhaps when I go back and edit this meme, I’ll be able to add more

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