30-Day Religious Meme Day 9 ~ Environmentalism

To some people it would seem odd to have this as a topic for the blog but respect for the environment is a part of the respect we owe the Gods. Gaea is one of the eldest gods and the whole world is her realm. As one of the Protogonoi she is more than a mere abstraction. Unlike the way that monotheistic religions have been interpreted, polytheistic religions like Hellenismos see the Gods as well as humanity as part of the Cosmos. As this is the case we are responsible for how we treat the rest of the cosmos. This is not simply an honoring of the spirits within nature but the responsibility to care for nature itself.

To do this our responsibility extends to our surroundings. It is not enough to be vocal if we are not acting in harmony with our words by acting to protect the environment. Show up in local parks with a bag and pick up trash, go to meetings or protests, even start a writing campaign. Do something productive to benefit the world around us. After all, it is the only world our species has, even if the Gods are not so limited. 

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