Hestia’s Feast-day (aka Thanksgiving) in the modern world

I’m interrupting the 30-day meme to post about a subject near and dear to my heart. This is Thanksgiving Day in the United States and in MY opinion this is a festival of Hestia in the modern day. This is a day where we gather as families to celebrate a festival centered around home and hearth. The Thanksgiving festival is supposed to have started by a shared feast giving thanks for the blessings that people were given. This is very much the realm governed by Hestia throughout the ages.

Because of this, I have dedicated today’s blog to Hestia as well as the basted turkey being dedicated to her first and the other gods as well. I can tell you that this is not as easy to write about as I had expected even for a devotee of Hestia. I think it is because Hestia is a goddess who is content to let others take the limelight and instead concentrates on making a comfortable home for the other Olympians. This does not make her any less important in our lives than any of the other gods. In fact on this day, she takes the forefront in our lives as we sit down with one another in the spirit of fellowship. It is that spirit that Hestia fosters in our lives as she sits down with rich and poor alike. She is the goddess of the hearth and family and I am thankful for all the blessings she sends today and everyday.

So today lift a glass to Hestia when you carve the bird and honor her blessings….

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