30 Day Religious Meme: Day 5 ~ Beliefs – Sacred Sexuality

This entry is one that is likely to be more than a little controversial. These are MY views and because of that fact people are likely to have different perspectives on the subject from me.
Sex is one of those things that FAR to many people think should NOT be talked about in the context of religion unless artificial rules AGAINST certain things are being imposed. This goes completely against the concept that sexuality is a GIFT of the Gods and Goddesses to humanity. Why would our Gods create something that is not good? Why would we have a Goddess whose realm contains sexuality? Why would Love be one of the Protogonoi if this was evil? Sexual love, whether in a relationship or not is something that has been demonized for years by the major monotheistic religions of the world and needs to be considered in a different light if we are to examine it in the real world without shame for consenting adults. Same-sex and poly-amorous relationships have existed in the world since the beginning of recorded history and need to be included in the conversation if we are to be honest with ourselves on the subject of sexuality. Alternate sexual expression like CONSENTING bdsm or open relationships are things that many of us are not comfortable with, but as long as all parties are adults and know what to expect they need to be acknowledged as legal.
Does this mean that we should have NO limits on sexual expression? Absolutely not. ANY sexual act which victimizes one of the partners such as rape or pedophilia is completely off-limits. They are violations of both religious and secular laws for that very reason. There is no religion that allows these acts. Also if you are in a monogamous or closed poly-amorous relationship then sexual acts outside the relationship are also to be something that MUST be avoided. They are violations of trust if not violations of sacred oaths and should be understood in that light. Hera is the guardian of relationships and honesty within them and punishes those who violates those boundaries.
Other than that, most of the time, if we treat relationships in an ETHICAL way, we will also be treating them in a MORAL way.

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