Thoughts on Hurricane Sandy

Waking up and hearing about the devastation that this storm has caused throughout the northeast United States is a powerful reminder of the power of Mother Nature. At least 17 are known to be dead in the US while millions are out of power during the beginning of the cold part of the year. There is a lot of flooding in areas that are NOT “below sea level” like New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina. This is going to affect the country for a long time the way Katrina did.

People are going to have time to see for themselves the response of our government to this event. I only hope that our political parties can put politics aside in the name of the FAMILIES that have been affected. It is PEOPLE not politics that is important right now.

I pray that all of my friends who are in that area will be blessed by the Gods with a quick recovery from the storm and that they are all safe throughout….

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