A case of the nerves

About two weeks ago I submitted my manuscript to a publisher. Today I heard back from them with a contract offer. There are several things that are very encouraging with this, but a couple of things that I don’t like too. I would have to partially subsidize the publication. If money was not a difficulty for me and my family right now, I probably would be sending the payment off as we speak. The other difficulty that is a little more telling for me though is that part of what I submitted was the Greek portion of the text would have had to be omitted from the published manuscript. In this day of computerized typesetting, I have trouble with a company telling me that the original language of the Maxims would not be able to be part of a book ON the Delphic Maxims.

On the plus side, the fact that there was even an offer is exciting as there have been no books by Hellenic Polytheists that have been other than self-published in at least a decade. It is also uncommon for a first-time writer to get a contract offer from the first publisher they submit a manuscript to. Also, with the current popularity of books and movies such as the Percy Jackson series, this might be the perfect time for this book to be submitted.

Only time will tell what will happen with this book, but for now, I’m nervous.

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