Electing to rally

This afternoon I will be going to a rally in Denver’s City Park. The US President is going to be in town for his re-election effort. It is interesting to me to have moved from a state that is NOT considered a swing state to one that IS. I am getting rather tired of the ads for all of the candidates — especially the ones that are not directly put out by the campaigns. Thankfully, the ads will be ending in about two weeks.

One of the things that I really LIKE about some of the ads I’ve been seeing on my morning newscast is that they are less of “attack” ads and more about GOTV (getting out the vote). It is refreshing in that I am not hearing how bad things will be if the other candidate wins, but that the act of voting is important. That is a message that I hope to instill in my daughter as she gets older — even if she ends up voting differently than I do.

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