Introduction to book on the Maxims (rough draft)

This is something that would not have come about without there being a challenge. This appeared in the form of a blog post by Star Foster in the beginning of May 2012. She was going to attempt to write about all 147 of the Delphic Maxims in turn and invited others to join her. Over time, life intervened and Star was not able to continue with her series. Others who started found that it is hard to write about these sayings as they contain a large amount of wisdom in their short pithiness.
The Delphic Maxims are 147 axioms that were originally engraved on the portal of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi. They comprise a large portion of the ethical basis of Modern Hellenic Polytheist thought. Some of them, such as “Know yourself” and “Nothing to excess”, are still very well-known although others are not. The Maxims contain a great deal of wisdom to those who look for it.
This book is only ONE woman’s journey through the Maxims and as such may at times seem to not follow a logical pattern. This is because I am writing about the Delphic Maxims in the order that they are commonly written instead of grouping similar Maxims together. I do not claim that what I have written is as comprehensive a treatment as the Maxims could have, or that this is a scholarly book. This is a record of my thoughts on a daily basis as we travel together through the Maxims. There are people who did not agree with my standpoints on some of them. I have tried to keep that in mind as I put this book together so as to have as balanced a feel as I can manage.
This book is not just for the Hellenic Polytheist community, however. The wisdom found in these collected sayings can be applied in any Pagan path and even by followers of Christianity. I also know that each person must understand them on their own. My work here can only serve as a stepping off point for further discussion of the concepts contained here.
To the Hellenic Polytheist community I say that I am not putting this book out with a lack of respect, but rather because of the respect I have for our religion. We need to make our knowledge available to a wider audience than just ourselves and our children. We need to share what we have with others in order to touch the minds of people who would otherwise not know we were even here.
To the greater Pagan and Wiccan communities, I share my journey through the Delphic Maxims in the hope that you find the wisdom of the Maxims useful to you in your spiritual journey. It has been an eye-opening experience writing about them and sharing them with the world.
This book is ultimately a gift to my daughter Kalomira and her future children as well as to the other children who are growing up with Hellenic Polytheist parents. I hope that it adds to the understandings they will come to themselves in regards to the Delphic Maxims. I am sure that in time there will be other books on the topic. I am even sure that given enough time there will be much better books. But, no matter if there are ultimately much greater books written, this one is myjourney and I welcome the reader to enjoy it to the fullest.

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