Hellenic philosophy of voting (more to come)

First let it be said that I do not care who you vote for. When you vote, you express your values — and your values help shape the cities, states, and countries that you live in. And this is why it is important to me and ideally to every Hellenic Polytheist.

The first “modern” use of the term “democracy” was in Greece. In fact the word means “rule of the people” in the Greek language to this day. And there is another word that comes from the same time period — the word “idiot” which ORIGINALLY meant “someone who does not participate in civic affairs” and now means a stupid person.

Don’t be an idiot…. Vote if you are able to. This is the only way that YOUR ideals are most likely to be expressed. And if you don’t vote when you are able to, you shouldn’t complain about the results of an election in your own country.

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