#147 – on reaching the end (be) without sorrow (τελευτων αλυπος)

It is ironic that this is the final Maxim in the Delphic Maxims. As one of ‘The Stages of Life’ it reminds us that all things must eventually come to an end. This journey through the Maxims began for me as a challenge to blog through them as there was not a blogging series on the Maxims that had been done. Along the way, this has morphed into a larger project. And that is how life goes as well. It begins as a child, goes through youth and middle-age and then at maturity is much different than how it would seem to be at the beginning.
I remember when I was a child that I wanted to be an astronaut, and now it looks like I will become a writer instead. We need to accept that things do not always work out the way we think and by that acceptance we show the wisdom that the Maxims would want to give us. No matter what age we are at the end, we should be without sorrow because of what we have not done but rather full of joy at what we have already accomplished.  Then, our journey through the Maxims will have borne fruit and the wisdom of Delphi taken root in our hearts.

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