#144 – as a youth (be) self-disciplined (ηβων εγκρατης)

This Maxim is the second of the ones that I like to think of as ‘The Stages of Life’. And it is the one which is most often overlooked in our society as we do not often think of our young people as needing to be as self-disciplined as adults. However, that is a mistake because what the youth is will be what the adult becomes. If the youth does not have the discipline to accomplish the simple tasks we ask of them, how will they accomplish the tasks of an adult?
This is where the parents of the youth must come in just as they must in the Maxim which reads “As a child be well-behaved”. It is the parents that not only provide the example but sometimes the rewards for the youth. I have seen youth with this self-discipline and they have gone on to do many things. I have also seen youth without the same discipline and they have to be taught it if they are going to do anything with their lives. The discipline often makes the difference between success or failure in their chosen fields and areas of study. And it is self-discipline that we as parents must encourage if we wish our children to succeed.

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