#143 – As a child be well-behaved (Παις ων κοσμιος ισθι)

This Maxim is one that is aimed at the PARENTS of the youngest members of our community. But despite that it is one of the set of Maxims that I think of as ‘The stages of Life’. This is one where the responsibility of others dictates whether our children can follow it. We are the ones responsible for ensuring that our children are well behaved, not only the child themselves. How many times in our lives have we seen children who were utter brats and wondered why the parents were not doing something about it? We must be the ones who teachproper behavior to our children. Otherwise, they will be the brats that other people see.
As a child grows they learn what behavior is acceptable and what is not. I have personally known a child who at the age of seven would decide his mother needed to make him a new plate of food for dinner because he did not like how she set down the first one. The mother was at fault for this as she would actually do what the child wanted her to instead of saying to the child that he would eat what was in front of him. She had an older son who would come in at two in the morning and wake her up so she could make him dinner. Why? Because she taught the older son that this was acceptable behavior. If we, as parents, do not wish to have children like this then we must teach them the lesson of this Maxim early.

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