#117 – Acquire wealth justly (Πλουτει δικιως)

This Maxim points out that there is nothing wrong with actually being wealthy providing that you have acquired your money in a just fashion. In fact, it encourages us to take the steps to acquire a healthy amount of wealth. This does not mean that we should gain our wealth from the harming of others as that is unjust. It does not mean that we should gain wealth by any means necessary as some of those means are unjust. What it does mean is that any honorable means of gaining wealth, whether through trade or as an artisan is not to be disdained.
Although the Maxim speaks of wealth, it is not speaking of having a lot of money. If a person is fulfilled working as a cook then that is one way of justly acquiring the wealth they are working for. If a person is a physician, it is no more of an honorable way of acquiring wealth than a janitor working in the same hospital. In fact, the janitor may be more justly acquiring his ‘wealth’ than the doctor because of the rigor that he practices his profession. If you are devoting your time and effort to your profession and your profession does not promote injustice, then you are living this Maxim – no matter how much or little you are earning.

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