#114 – Do not boast in might (Επι ρωμη μη καυχω)

This Maxim has a simple message “when you are mighty do not boast of it”. It is a warning against hubris and the consequences of that arrogance. As I write this I am reminded of the results of hubris with the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina hitting New Orleans being marked by another hurricane hitting in nearly the same place. Fortunately, it appears that this mighty wind will not cause the same level of devastation as happened before. But it does demonstrate that the works of people are nothing compared to the works of the Gods and we should not boast of the things that we have made or done because the Gods themselves can do far greater.
The might that we are warned against boasting of is the might that humans create together and like with the “unsinkable” Titanic we are shown that this might is temporary. The temporary nature of it is part of the reason that boasting of it is hubristic. The might of a mountain does not need to boast but the might of a man often does.

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