#112 – Do away with enmities (Εχθρας διαλυε)

This Maxim reminds us that there are more important things in our lives than pursuing enmity with someone. In fact, it advises us to actively seek to end the enmities instead of pursuing them. This is probably because it takes a lot out of us when we have enemies and that is energy better spent elsewhere. There is even an old adage that advises us to dig two graves if we are going to kill an enemy.
When we devote our time and effort to the pursuit of enmities, we cannot spend that time and effort in profitable pursuits. We cannot build anything positive as long as we concentrate on the negative. This is not the same as saying ‘forgive and forget’ by any means. We should not forget the things that occurred to cause the problem, but we should not allow it to remain a problem and continue to drain us. Thus this Maxim could be said to be about forgiveness.
When we do away with the bitterness and anger that enmities can bring, we find that we have more energy to devote to other projects. When we put the anger away and forgive, we find that things were not as important as we had made them out to be. And that is the most likely message of this Maxim, the message to concentrate on what is truly important rather than wasting our time with enmities.

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