#99 – Struggle with glory (Πονει μετ ευκλειας)

This Maxim does not tell us to struggle for glory, but to struggle with it. Arête does not always lead to glory. The struggle for us is not to actively seek glory, but to seek arête instead. The search for glory can lead to hubris when we do not accept that glory is NOT the only sign of arête. And if we search for glory instead of arête we are missing the point of the struggle.
This is a Maxim which reminds us that glory is fleeting while excellence is not. Many people who show excellence in a particular field do not get glory while some people get glory without excellence. We tend to not glorify our teachers and janitors while glorifying people on “reality shows” and celebrities behaving badly. This leads many people to think that in order to be successful you need to get glory, while forgetting that excellence is the truest key to success in our society.
This is not a new phenomenon or it would not have had its place in the Maxims, but it is something which we can work on within ourselves on a daily basis. We can struggle with our desire for glory while modestly accepting it ifit comes. This, I feel, is the message we are meant to take from this Maxim.  

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