#95 – Rule your wife (Γυναικος αρχε)

This Maxim is one that does not translate well into our modern society. We like to think that we have equality of the sexes, even though it can be argued differently. This Maxim, however, is one of the few that seems to promote an inequality of power and responsibility between the two genders instead of speaking from a position of ‘all are equal in the sight of the Gods’.
What does it mean for us then? Are we to allow ourselves to have relationships which are not true partnerships? Or, does this Maxim refer to a different kind of partnership than we are used to? In the interest of telling the truth, I do not generally prefer the ‘traditional feminine’ role as opposed to an expanded role. The reason for this is that I was raised to believe that the contributions of a woman were of equal importance to those of a man and therefore do not fit into the ‘traditional wife and mother’ role easily.
This Maxim refers to a time when women’s options were much more limited than they are now and therefore is one of the few that can be thought of as ‘outdated’. The best way that I can bring it to the present is “Have rules within your marriage” – at least and have it be something that both partners can always agree on.

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