#94 – Do not curse your sons (Υιοις μη καταρω)

Our children are our future and this Maxim looks at that future with a protective eye. In ancient times, a curse was taken seriously and a parent’s curse was one of the most potent. It is with this in mind that I attempt to bring this into the modern era. Although this Maxim only mentions sons, we can also extend it to mean our daughters as well.
In doing this we have to look at our actions towards our children. We also have to look at the language we use at and around our children. If we are constantly using harsh or vulgar language, that is what our child will come to consider ‘normal’ behavior and will emulate. This is amplified if that language is directed at the child in question.
What a child learns is how they will behave as youths and adults. If we do not provide a good example by both word and action they cannot learn proper behavior for our society and we will have effectively ‘cursed’ them to be on the outside looking in. I don’t think that any parent would want that for their child and so we need to be the ones teaching our children – in effect ‘blessing’ them instead of ‘cursing’ them – because we care enough to make sure they can have the best chance to prosper.

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