3 months down, about 2 to go

The journey through the Delphic Maxims is continuing and I’m approaching 2/3 done in a couple of days. I have to say that it has been an interesting journey so far. I have had to do some hard thinking about what each Maxim means to me so that I can put it down in words for others to see and comment on.

Each one of the Maxims has had its own unique set of challenges unfolding for me, as I think the Oracle at Delphi intended. Even those Maxims which would seem at first glance to be almost identical have prooven to be subtly different and therefore posing different sets of challenges. It is in writing about these challenges that this blog is unfolding. It will continue to unfold after I am done with the Maxims — in what direction, only the Gods themselves can see.

One thought on “3 months down, about 2 to go

  1. i'm so glad that you are persevering with the maxims because like you i too have had that thought of “Some of the maxims are the same but phrased differently” but looking at your work it seems that you are subtly different in some sort of way. If you put this in a book format , I would definatly buy it. It have been a very inspiring piece of writing and I am grateful unto you for it.


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