#89 – Do not depend on strength (Βιας μη εχου)

This Maxim tells us that we should not depend on force to accomplish everything in our lives. It does nottell us that we should fail to use our strengths as effectively as possible. It takes effort to accomplish what we want to do and the Maxims never tell us to use less than our best effort. The Maxims actually require us to work hard at keeping ourselves on a virtuous path in life and in following the God’s advice to us. The Maxims teach us different ways to achieve arête in our lives.
What this particular Maxim teaches us is that we need to work hard to accomplish things and that we cannot always count on our individual strengths to be enough for a particular task. This means that we must not only use our strengths but also look to those around us for their strengths to help us counteract our weaknesses. This is something that we are often wary of doing because we do not like to admit to any weakness. We fear that someone will use our weakness against us instead of helping us accomplish our goals by using their differing strengths as a counterbalance to ours. True strength is found at times in admitting that we are not strong.

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