#79 – Work for what you can own (Εργαζου κτητα)

This Maxim is not just about working for what you own, but for what you canown as well. There are many things in life that it is desirable to own, and all of them are things that you need to work for in order to have. These range from temporary, but necessary, things such as food to more permanent things such as clothing and shelter. It also encompasses things that are not necessary such as transportation and entertainment items. However, the key to this maxim is in the word ‘work’ and not the word ‘own’.
We must work for the things we can own in order for them to truly be ours. Part of this is that we do not truly value things that we have not worked for. Yes, they may be the gifts of the Gods, but what we are given is in proportion to the effort we have put into it and we tend to value things unearned far less than those we have toiled for. This is why the Gods have given us this Maxim, to remind us that what we work for we value more.

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