#73 – Be happy with what you have (Κτωμενος ηδου)

This Maxim is one of the ones that many of us, myself included, have problems with from time to time. It is very easy to be dis-satisfied with our possessions and even our situations. However, we are called upon by the Gods to look at things in as positive a light as we can. There is an old adage that I try to remember when I am bemoaning what life has given me – ‘I was sad that I had no shoes until I met a man with no feet’. Even in the worst of times and situations there is always something positive that can come out of it.
As I write this, my country is having to deal with the aftermath of a senseless attack in a cinema, and I cannot say that the families do not have the right to being hurt, angry and confused by it. But I can say that we should be happy that the person who did it has been caught and will be facing the legal system. We should come together in a chorus of support for the people affected, and we should be happy that we can do so freely. If regulations would permit me to do so, I would be attempting to do more, but I have to be happy knowing that my prayers are what I can give….

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