Two months in blogging the Maxims

This is an interesting time for me. Two months ago, I started blogging the Delphic Maxims because another writer was interested in blogging them as well. (Yes, Star Foster, I’m looking at you) It seems to have turned into a potential book project since then.

At the rate of one Maxim a day it takes almost five months to finish the journey and this means that I have another three months of this that my readers will have to sit through before they decide if my writing is worth looking at in a print version. It’s a humbling thought that almost half a year will have gone by in my life and in the life of my family from the start of the blogging project to the end of THAT phase of things.

What keeps me going is momentum, and the hope that my words will inspire others to think about the Maxims. If a book results, then a book results. Otherwise, this will still have been a labor of love. And Gods know, it will have been worth it…..

2 thoughts on “Two months in blogging the Maxims

  1. I wanted to let you know that I check back for your take on the Maxims often and they–and your efforts and commitment–are certainly inspiring. Thank you for writing about all of them. It means a lot.


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