#56 – Down-look no one (Υφορω μηδενα)

This is an excellent Maxim to be among the first we teach our children as well as reminding ourselves of on a regular basis. We may be ‘better’ than another person in some ways but they are almost inevitably going to be better than us in other ways – even if we cannot see them. To look down on someone is to deny their common humanity with us and is one of the first steps towards arrogance. When we look down on a person, we are not allowing ourselves to look upon them with compassion and because of that are not able to generously give to those in need, or to truly give back from the blessings we have received (as another Maxim reminds us).
It is only when we acknowledge our common humanity and common frailties that we can rise above them. But, we cannot rise above if we are busy looking down. In some ways I feel that this is one of the most important of the Maxims in that it sets a standard of behavior that is obvious, and easier to accomplish than others if we remind ourselves that we are not ‘better’ than others, just different.

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