#52 – Pray for things possible (Ευχου δυνατα)

This is an interesting Maxim in that many times we want to ask the Gods for things that are not likely to happen in our lives. It reminds us to notpray for things like winning the lottery, but rather for things that are more likely. This is not to say that if a friend or family member is in the hospital that you not pray for their recovery, but that when you pray have your prayers be for things that the Gods can help you attain rather than only for things that they must be the ones to give.
This maxim reminds me of the parable of The Carter and Heracleswhere the carter prays to have his cart out of the mud and Heracles tells him to put his shoulder to the wheel. When we pray for things that are possible, we have to do our part instead of simply putting it all in the laps of the Gods. They have a Cosmos to run – our lives are only a part of their business and it is hubris for us to act as if we were always their top priority. It is only when we have done everything else that we are to allow ourselves to “leave it to God(s)”
Pray for the stronger possibility and put the effort in to making that possibility a reality. Both of these are things that this Maxim insists upon in our lives, for it is our actions that determine what is “possible” for us and what is not.

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