#50 – Act when you know (Γνους πραττε)

This is a Maxim that many of us have to work on – myself included. In our society we are told to “act, not react” and although this is good advice on some levels, many times it causes us to act before we have complete information. Sometimes it even prompts us to act before we have enough information to make the correct decision (or at least a wise one). I think that sometimes a little bit of waiting can make the difference between the rightone and the wrong one. That way we can get the information we need. Then – when you know as much information as possible – is the right time to act.
This maxim is related to the one that tells us to “Know your opportunity” in that we cannot know our opportunity without complete information. Once we have the information we should not fail to act. The only reason to not act is notknowing everything we need to know. We are called to be lovers of wisdom and to know ourselves. This is evidence that having knowledge is one of the things that we are called to attain, and not just for the sake of knowing, but of acting as well.

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