#48 – Be a seeker of wisdom (Φιλοσοφος γινου)

This is one of my favorite Maxims so far. It is one that is definitely active in that we are to look for wisdom in our daily lives. And, in fact, it could be possibly better translated as “Become a lover of wisdom”. We are not just to be a seeker of wisdom; in the Greek we are to become a seeker of wisdom. This is where the action comes into play. “To be” is much more static than “to become” in English and that is why we should do both if we are to attempt to honor this Maxim.
To seek is more than just to look for something – it is to strive for that something. It is to become someone who loves that thing and wants that thing badly. That is why we need to become lovers in the purest sense of the word – so that we can seek with a whole heart, even if we never find what we are looking for.
In regards to this Maxim, we must become the eternal seeker because we never truly can attain wisdom. For if we think of ourselves as wise, that is when we are the most foolish. Instead, we are to say we are not wise, but are trying to become more so by seeking to be a lover of Wisdom.

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