#45 – Give what you have (Εχων χαριζου)

This Maxim is about helping others. It does not say that we give more than we can afford to give or even “give till it hurts”. It is about giving what you can afford to give – even if it is not in monetary terms. If that means going every 8 weeks to a blood bank because you wish to give and have nothing else, then so be it. If it means volunteering your time at a soup kitchen because you cannot donate food to them, so be it. If you have money, it can mean giving money – because that is what you have but it is not limited togiving money.
This is at the heart of the Maxim. What you have is not limited to purely physical things, but rather includes things that most people do not even consider – your time and skills among them. When we give these things we are truly giving of ourselves, giving what we have – whatever that may be. We then are like the herder who helped Odysseus instead of the suitors who plagued Penelope. We are giving without the desire to get anything in return except maybe a good feeling. And this is probably what the God means when he tells us to “Give what you have” because that is what the Gods do with us.

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